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B1014 - Why does the title bar show up when it shouldn't?

by - Joseph Ganci

Is there a known problem with disabling the Title Bar in Windows? I've turned it off in the properties and I've set ShowTitleBar(OFF) in a Calc icon and still it appears. It is causing problems with part of my display and I would like to see it completely gone. I'm doing this cross platform and it is definitely missing from the Mac side. Any suggestions or leads?

Here's the issue. On the Mac, the menu bar for an app always appears at the top of the screen. In Windows, it is part of the application window (which I personally prefer). I will bet anything that you have your menu bar turned on as well. In Windows, you cannot have the menu bar up without also having the title bar up, because the menu bar is part of the window itself. If you need more room, you may want to use the ResizeWindow function at the beginning of the file to add 19 pixels or so the height of your app to give you the extra room you need. Hope this helps.

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