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B1006 - How do I make a box on the screen shrink and grow?

by - Joseph Ganci

Hi. I am pulling my hair out trying to get a function going to redraw a box on the screen at a different size. My goal is to have a box drawn initially on the screen (e.g. using "box(1,x1,y1,x2.y2)") and be able to change its size based on user input. Basically, it is supposed to act as an efficiency meter. I want to decrease the width of the box on the screen by x number of pixels, each time a user does something inefficient.  How do I refer to the same box later in the program to change its x2,y2 co-ords?  I have tried the call/return thing as a way of looping to the box display but when I return, the box disappears as I can't find a way to tell Authorware that the box I specified in the calc icon should stay put! Thanks for any suggestions.

First, set up an Interaction icon. Attach to it a Calculation icon. For the response type, choose Conditional.  Name it "showbox" and make it perpetual, erase After Next Entry, and Return branching.  Authorware will ask you to define the variable "showbox", so do it. 

Second, in the Calculation icon place the script: 
    showbox := FALSE 
Now from anywhere in your file, set up a Calculation icon that contains the following script: 
    x1 := y1 := 100 
    x2 := 500 
    y2 := 200  
    showbox := TRUE 
Every time you use the script above (changing the x2 value to however long you want to make the box width), and the box will appear to shrink (or grow).  

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