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C2009 - Why is my custom Continue button not working in packaged mode?

by - Joseph Ganci

In the Button Library, I've imported a custom continue button and then substituted it for the standard continue button. Inside of Aware it plays just fine. When I package my piece, it reverts to the standard continue button. Is there a corruption somewhere in my graphic or is there a step I am missing in the import and designating it as my new "continue" button. Is there an Xtra I need?

No, you don't need an Xtra. This is a bug in version 5. Here's how to get around it. Create an interaction icon, attach a button response to it, and choose your new button as the response. This somehow "gels" it. You can then delete the interaction icon and its response, and you should have no trouble in the packaged. If it doesn't work, don't delete the interaction icon but just place it at the bottom of the flowline where the runtime can't reach it. Good luck!

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