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B4003 - Why is my video not showing but the video's audio track is playing?

by - Joseph Ganci

I am using several AVI digital movies in my Authorware project. I captured them on my PC using an ATI Rampage video capture board from a digital camcorder. The movies look fine in the packaged AW file on my PC but when I test it on a (new) laptop, everything looks and sounds fine except when I play a movie. I get a red and white striped box that says "Video not available, Cannot find 'vids:YVU9' decompressor." When I try to play this avi file from windows, I only hear the sound, no video.

I copied IYVU9_32.dll into Windows\System. That didn't work. I tried copying the dll into my Authorware project folder with the exe file, that didn't work. Do you know what is causing this and what I can do to fix it? I appreciate your time.

As you've suspected, your laptop does not include the Vids codec for compressing/decompressing those kinds of video. You may be running an older version of Windows on those machine. I've seen this many times before. Go to and you should find the proper installer for the codec you need. Simply copying the file may not be enough.

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