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008 - The Top Ten Complaints About Authorware

Thanks to Wade Wells and Jeff Macguire for posting this to the list recently:  

With all of the recent "talks/discussions" about Authorware bugs, what it can/cannot do, etc. Jeff and I thought we would throw a little parody at you to take a break (just for a moment), for a little humor! We hope you'll enjoy. 

10. Doesn't tuck you in at night.  
9. Should have DOOM bundled with it instead of Director Studio.  
8. You can't do your taxes with it.  
7. Doesn't overwrite your WINSOCK DLL during installation.  
6. Should have used Pamela Anderson for the Authorware logo, instead of "Biff," the muscle boy.  
5. Does not support the Microsoft BOB API.  
4. Will not run on a Commodore 64.  
3. Does not have a WAVE file that says, "Uh ooh!" when you make a boo boo.  
2. Shockwave skips a couple of frames during playback of "Gone with the Wind" in full screen MPEG format on connections less than 56k.  
1. Won't Render AutoCAD files that have imported RTF text.  

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