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093 - A Trip to a Trade Show

A Trip to a Trade Show
Contributed by Nigel Stubley

A group hires a minivan to go to a big trade show at the other end of the country.

In the group are, 3 electricians, three engineers, and three guys from an IT support helpdesk.

Well about half way to the show, the van suddendly stops for no apparent reason.

The Engineers say, "It's the prop shaft, it's got bent and can no longer drive the wheels. We'll have to call a tow truck."

The Electricians say " No No... it's the ignition system. There's a fault in the component.

Then the IT support guys say. "Excuse us, but you're all wrong. Here's what we have to do. First Open all the doors on the minivan. Next all get out of the minivan. Then all get back into the minivan, but.. and this is important.. we must get back in, in the same order as we got out. Finally close all the doors on the minivan and try to restart"

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