AMGAC 2004 - Gulfport, Mississippi

Thank you, Amy Blankenship!

Peter Whipple

Opening Night

Betsy & Susan

Amy & Andrew

Chris & Greg

Andrew, David, Madison

Andrew & Dan

Out on a limb

The View we had

David & Madison

Dinner 1

Dinner 2

Dinner 3

Those Left at end

Opening Night 2

Thank you to David Brunswick for the following photos (and the last one above), selected from:

Opening Night 3

David Teaching

David Teaching

Lunch 1

Lunch 2

Lunch 3

Lunch 4

Amy teaching

Andrew teaching

Outside Chat 1

Outside Chat 2

Outside Chat 3

Outside Chat 4

Attentive students

Dan Clinger?
Dan Clanker?
David Clanker?

Amy, Grand Leader

Joe Keynote 1

Joe Keynote 2