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Avoid the Cursor - version 4.0

by - Joseph Ganci

I was asked whether I could help create a means for a screen object to avoid the screen cursor.  Why he wanted this I did not ask.  However, here is the result.  There are only two icons involved in the core of this solution: the Display icon containing the object and a Motion icon.  Bruce Van Horn wrote me with the following:

I found a practical use for your box that runs away from the cursor.

I've got a full screen quiz that simulates software.  I'm putting the acutal question in a display icon.  The problem is, it might cover some area of the screen the user needs to interact with.

The solution is to make the question box run away from the cursor.  If the usermoves the cursor towards the box, the box gets out of the way exposing the application screen underneath.  This let's me use full size screens instead of resizing or cutting out a chunk.

Download the file: avoid.a4p (6KB)

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