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Perpetual Debug Console

by - Nick Latif

Have you ever had to run a packaged piece that has a "problem" and hopelessly guess what might be going on "under the hood" because you don't have the source file available and can't "see" certain variables/values?

Or you constantly add/delete temporary debug display icons all over the place while fine-tuning your code? Well, I had had enough a few weeks ago and whipped up a little something that I'd like to share with the rest of y'all (Virginia drawl).

In a nutshell, pressing ctrl/alt/shift/insert will fire up a perpetual interaction that lists ALL variables in your piece, then clicking on one in the list displays the current value. A text entry field is preset with whichever variable you clicked, so you can fire off evalassign statements to "on the fly" change variable settings or affect some navigation. Say you click on MYVAR and on the right, MYVAR is currently 1. Completing the text entry to MYVAR := 5 and hitting return does just that . . . (hey, type in a GoTo(IconID@"IconTitle") and see what happens!!! :-). You can create your own custom variable list for those variables that are of a particular and constant interest and check up on those values with relative ease.

Download the file: (11KB)

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