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B5011 - How do I print a text file correctly with JumpPrintReturn?

by - Joseph Ganci

I want to print text info from one of my Authorware display screens...but I can't get my calculation to work.I am using JumpPrintReturn(",","untitled.txt").

Use JumpPrintReturn("" , "untitled.txt")

Notice you don't use a comma between the quotes.

Now, the above prints a text file on your hard drive called untitled.txt (not a good name for a file, by the way). You should also use a path to the file.

If you're looking to print the contents of the Display icon, you can't do it using JumpPrintReturn. If you just want to print the text, the easiest way is to have the text in a separate text file and print it as we said above. Good luck!

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