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B2016 - How do the different interaction timer options work?

by - Joseph Ganci

I tried to find out the different of the timer option ( Time Limit interaction). As you know there are four option of If interrupted by Perpetual Interaction: Continue, Pause-Resume on Return, Pause-Restart on Return, Pause-Restart If Running. I understand the meaning of them but I can't use them. I tried to use each of them. I can't see the difference when it returns.

These differences matter ONLY if you are using a perpetual interaction. Do you have any of those? If not, it doesn't matter. If you do, then what this is saying is that if a user is in the midst of a Timed interaction, and a perpetual interaction, such as pressing a Help key set to Perpetual is clicked, then you have four different options. Continue means don't stop timing the interaction, for instance. Hope this helps.

Ok, I have seen these differences. But it works only if I'm using Button response type and setup to a perpetual. I tried to see these differences when I'm using Condition response type and setup to a perpetual also. Why don't I see these differences as using Button response type?

I believe you are incorrect. See the Downloads area for an example that uses a perpetual conditional with a timer. The perpetual conditional gets set to true when Authorware's "sec" variable reaches 0, which happens when the system minute changes. You'll see that the timer options all work correctly. Good luck!

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