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B5012 - How do I make sure write.exe is closed before I call it with JumpOutReturn?

by - Joseph Ganci

I'm doing Mac development in AW403. The project I'm working on allows the user to print their records. To do so the variable containing the records is saved as a text file and then printed with Simple Text. I've discovered that I can make sure Simple Text is unloaded before printing by doing a JumpOutReturn to an AppleScript applet that quits Simple Text. My question is whether there's anything analogous to this on the Windows side, ie is there some VB script, macro, whatever, that can ensure that write.exe is unloaded before calling JumpPrintReturn?

Are you sure this is necessary? I believe from my Mac days that you are able to only have one instance of an application open at once, hence the necessity to close it, but in Windows you can have multiple instances open of an application (usually). If write.exe is already open, you can still open a second copy. In fact, you may not want to unload it if the user has write.exe open for an entirely different reason. They may be miffed if you try to close their document.

By the way, though write.exe still works as an alias, since in Windows 95 and later it maps itself to wordpad.exe.

Good point - not being a Windows person I was under the impression that if any copies of write.exe (or whatever print app is to be used) were open at the time JumpPrintReturn was called then it would fail. If that's not the case then I shall concede that's definitely a point for Windows.

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