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B1008 - How do I position an object on the screen by pixel position?

by - Joseph Ganci

I am trying to position a number of objects under program control, each in its own Display icon, using the Effects-in area dialog. I  want to be able to move several objects but keep them positioned exactly with respect to each other.  This seems difficult at best. I think I have grasped the "in area" option on the effects dialog, and setting up the area rectangle and variables.  What throws me is the Base and End position values.  This is confusing.  What is the most straightforward way to set the position of an object in direct screen coordinates, i.e. move a box to 100,100 or 200,100?

If you're using a version before 4.0:  Assuming you are using a 640 by 480 screen, if you really want to do this, you'll need to set the base to 1 and the end to 640.  Position the base so the line defining the area is straddling the edge of the screen. You may have to play with this to get it precise.  Remember, it's the center of the object that gets placed.  

If you're using version 4.0 or later:  In version 4.0 and later, this becomes much easier.  Macromedia heard your cries for being able to center objects according to pixel coordinates in addition to being able to do it according to a coordinate system of your choosing.  To use pixel coordinates, use the "On Screen" option in the Properties dialog box.  The following dialog box is set up to show the picture smack in the middle of the Presentation Window.

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