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B2018 - How do I know which was the last character the user clicked?

by - Joseph Ganci

This is a tough one. The best bet is to use an external function, which may not yet be written (any takers?) to do this. There may even be a WinAPI call.

A marginally acceptable solution is to take the text that is to be shown on the screen, place it in a variable, and show the variable on the screen. Before showing it, you can process it by placing a character outside the normal ASCII character set to separate each letter into its own word. I looked for one that would serve that role without actually taking up much room (or maybe just a pixel). The closest I came to is ASCII 9, but it leaves just a tad too much room between letters. Try it out - you may find it works for you. Try this:

    var := "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs."
    repeat with i := 1 to CharCount(var)
       var2 := var2 ^ SubStr(var, i, i) ^ Char(9)
    end repeat

Show var2 on the screen and see what you think.

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