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B2019 - How do I make a dynamic button?

by - Joseph Ganci

Hi, I am trying to create a dynamic button that will will cycle through the following values '0', '1' and 'X'. The values appear above the button each time the user clicks on the button.

Also the values will be used in a later part of the program, but my difficulty lies in creating the dynamic button.

Any help would be welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Place the following over the button in your Interaction icon:

  {clicks[MOD(click, 3)+1]}

and set the Interaction icon to Update Displayed Variables.

Attached to the button, have a Calc icon with the following:

  clicks := [ "X", "0", "1"]
  click := click + 1

Somewhat more efficient would be to take the first line and place it in your initialization code a the top of your file. Just leave the second line in the Calc icon.

Try it, you'll like it!

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