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B5014 - Should I jump to Notepad or Wordpad?

by - Joseph Ganci

I need to make a decision about using Windows Notepad vs Wordpad in a JumpFile situation. I'd like to use Wordpad for formatting reasons (we can fit more characters on a line), but I'm not sure if it is as widely installed as notepad.

I guess my question has to do with what people are most likely to have installed on their computers in the future. (Not that any one of us can really know what Microsoft plans). We will deliver the program on Win95, 98, NT and probably 2000 computers. Opinions anyone?

Wordpad is on every Windows machine. It's part of the standard installation. Before Windows 95, the Wordpad equivalent was write.exe. Here's an interesting thing. If you are only delivering to WIn95 and later, as you say, you can jump to wordpad. If you have to deliver to Win.3x computers as well, then jump to write.exe. On Win 95 and later, write.exe will automatically open up Wordpad.

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