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C2010 - My GIF images don't show up in packaged mode. What do I do?

by - Joseph Ganci

I've tried numerous times today to package a piece both with and without runtime. When I launch the runtime package on my machine (where Authorware is installed), I get the error message that gif files aren't recognized because of a missing xtra. I tried building an xtras folder and including the gif xtras (16 and 32 bit) and that doesn't work either. I've tried placing the piece and the player on a shared drive for others to try, and have packaged it with runtime as well. Nothing has worked. Any suggestions? All help would be appreciated.

You need to include at least these four files:


You can find out what Xtras you need by using the Xtras KO that I codeveloped with Dan Clinger. You can find it in our Downloads section.

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