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B8007 - How can I give the user a button to navigate to the highest page seen?

by - Joseph Ganci

I found your submission on the Authorware Resource Center website ( regarding custom navigation in frameworks ("How can I check each time a page gets flipped?"). I believe what I want to accomplish in my program is along these lines, but I was wondering if you could provide further assistance.

I would like to make a sort of custom "Go Back" button that is better than the one Authorware provides (at least Authorware 4). I would like a button that goes to the furthermost page visited in the framework. So if one is on Page 7 and clicks the Previous button several times to go to Page 2, he/she can jump back directly to Page 7. Authorware's current "Go Back" button would only take the user back to Page 3 in such a circumstance.

Could you show me what code I would need to put in the calculation icon of that SavedPageID conditional you talked about? Would I need to make calculated navigation buttons for First, Previous, Next, and Last to coincide with the custom "Go Back" button? If possible, could you e-mail me a simple diagram of the icons, etc., so I can see the arrangement? Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, great website you have!

In the Framework entry pane, attach a Calculation icon as a new response to the main Interaction icon. Make its response type conditional perpetual and set its condition to:

CurrentPageNum <> savedpagenum

The variable savedpagenum is a user variable. Define it as a numerical type. In the Calc icon, place the following script:

if CurrentPageNum > highpagenum then highpagenum := CurrentPageNum
savedpagenum := CurrentPageNum

Attach a Navigate icon as a button response to the Interaction and call it "Back to Highest." Set the Navigate icon to Calculated and set the Calculated field to:

ChildNumToID(@"pages", highpagenum)

That will do it. Go to our Downloads section to download this file.

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