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C3004 - What happens when I update my library links?

by - Joseph Ganci

Calculations, either in a calc icon or ornamented on an icon are one of the things you can customize with each instance. If you update your library icon it wipes out your customizations.

It's important to note that in the case of library Calculation icons, simply changing the contents in the library will not update the links in your file, even if it's open. To make each instance in an open file update, you have to manually click on the Calc icon, choose Modify, Icon, Libary Links, then choose some or all of the links listed and click the Update button.

The same is partly true of Display icons and other icons. If, for instance, you simply change the contents of a Display icon, the new contents will be reflected in all the links (unlike changing the contents of a Calc). However, if you choose to manually update the library links, this will also reset all the links back to the same position, transition, etc., of the library icon contents, even if you have changed those in the links earlier.

Keep these rules in mind and you shall live a long and healthy life (or so I'm told).

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