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B8006 - I'm confused when comparing strings and numbers. Can you help?

by - Joseph Ganci

I stripped my var "a"

b:=Strip("VOI", a)

and the end result is b="D" with tells me it was a string...

Actually, any string that doesn't contain numbers will equate to a 0 if you're evaluating it as a number. For instance, if you have the following equations:

string := "hello"
a := 1 + string

the result will be that a = 1

if you have

string := "h2ello4"
a := 1 + string

then a = 25

Huh? Sure, Authorware strips out any non-numerical characters, so it evaluates string as 24. Therefore a = 1 + 24 = 25

This sometimes confuses people so it's good to know the rule.

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