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C3003 - When packaging library icons, what is included?

by - Joseph Ganci

Lets say I have 2 AW pieces sharing one library that contains 90 icons. When viewing piece 1, the library shows 60 icons liked, and the same library in piece 2 shows 30 icons linked... (I understand why, of course)... does that mean that when you package the piece only the linked icons for each piece (say, 60 for piece 1) will be packaged with it, or will AW package all 90 icons for both pieces? Would it be better to make a separate library for each piece? When it comes to libraries, what is best practice for reducing file size for web delivery?

If you are packaging your libraries externally, then you only will have one copy of the packaged file. If you are packaging your libraries internally, only the linked icons in the library will be packaged in your file. Of course, if those same library icons are being packaged internally in all of your lessons, then there are lots of copies being made.

If you are sharing a library among lots of different files, it's best to make it external. Otherwise, internalizing the linked library icons is fine.

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