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B8008 - How can I capture the Framework icon's name when jumping to one of its pages?

by - Joseph Ganci

This should be siimple, but it's not working. I am trying to get the IconTitle of each framework icon. Each of my frameworks has a unique title. I have tried attaching an ornamental calc to each framework with the following code: current_framework := IconTitle

This works fine as long as I go directly down the flowline. However, if I use a navigate icon to Jump to Page (e.g., my Menu uses navigate icons to go to the desired framework-1st attached map), then, for some reason, Authorware does not seem to pass through the calc attached to the applicable framework, because my variable, current_framework, is not updating. Does anyone know of a work-around?

That's right, it won't see the Calc ornament. Instead, place a Calc icon inside the Framework entry pane and set it to the following script:

current_framework := IconTitle(IconParent(IconID))

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