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B1012 - How do I show an alpha symbol on a button?

by - Joseph Ganci

Anyone who can tell me how to put the ALPHA character in a button or text. The BETA can be written by using Alt-225 or Alt-0223.

The alpha character is in the Symbol font, so the only way I can think of to include the alpha character is if all the other characters in the button name can also be found in the Symbol font. If it's by itself or with other Symbol font characters, no problem! What you need to do is:

1. Create a button interaction,
2. Click on the button in the response options,
3. Click the edit button (at which point you will be asked to confirm you want to make a copy of the system button - confirm!)
4. Click on the text in the button.
5. Choose Text, Fonts, Symbol.

Now when you name your button, just choose the corresponding characters in the system font. For instance, the alpha character in the symbol font is at the same location as the standard "a" character in the system font. You can see this in the character map (if you didn't install it on your system when you installed Windows,  install it - it's useful!). When you include the "a" character in your button name, your button will show the alpha character.

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