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B8011 - Why is Authorware not finding the external Help file I'm trying to access?

by - Joseph Ganci

The code I am wrestling with at the moment is:

baWinHelp("Show"; FileLocation^"Help"; MatchedIconTitle)

It gives an error-message saying the correct path but with one backslash too many before the file. And when I debug filelocation (on the packaged piece) the last backslash is double and rest single. This is running under win Me. Any tip?

The double backlash is normal if you are seeing it in the Variables window, in that the backslash character in Authorware is an "escape" character. When Authorware sees it, it checks the next character to see how to interpret the combination. \r = return character \t = tab character \\ = 1 backslash character. When shown on the screen, though, each backslash should be single. What's puzzling is that all the other slashes are single. On my machine, which is running Win98, each backslash in FileLocation is doubled in the Variables window, as it should be. When displayed on the screen, though, each double backslash is singled, as it should be.

Is "Help" really the name of your file? Shouldn't it be "Help.hlp"? If it isn't really the name of your file, are you preceding it with one or more backslashes, like "\Help" or "\\Help". If so, don't. Good luck!

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