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1008 - What is the minimum window size for a packaged Authorware project?

by - Joseph Ganci

I have a piece that has a windowwidth of 170 when authoring. When packaged it increases to 190. I did some testing. It appears that the minumum windowwidth and windowheight is 198 x 48 in a packaged piece. It seems odd though that you are allowed to resize your window in authoring mode to a size that is not permissible in packed form. Why?? and more importantly, how do I stop this quarky behavior?

That is correct. Even if you use the ResizeWindow function to make it smaller, your window size can't be smaller than 198 x 48 in a packaged piece. I agree that it's odd, but I haven't found a way around this. I even tried a direct Windows API call (using BudAPI's MoveWindow function) just in case Authorware's ResizeWindow function somehow limited the dimensions, but there was no difference.

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