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1011 - How does cover.u32 work?

by - Joseph Ganci

I have created an 800x600 window size and i wished to run this in a full screen mode. My problem is that if the resolution is higher than 800x600 the contents in the authorware piece moves to upper left, even though I have set this to "center screen" in the properties box.

I have heard that to be able to view a full screen type mode. There’s a dll or something that can be utilized to perform this.. its' something like coverx32 or something.. i don't know how to use that either.

The Cover function is external. Follow these steps:

1. Check on the CD folder in the path \GOODIES\UCD\COVER. In there you'll find a file called cover.u32.
2. Copy the file to the folder where you have your Authorware lesson .a5p file.
3. In Authorware, open your lesson file.
4. Open the Functions dialog box.
5. Change the category to the one with the name of your lesson file (usually the last one).
6. Click the Load button.
7. Choose the cover.u32 file.
8. Choose the Cover and Uncover functions.

The two functions are now available to you to use in your file. You must accompany the cover.u32 file with your packaged file when you deliver it.

As for why the piece is going to the upper left, check to see if you're using the MoveWindow function anywhere in your file. That's the only reason I can think that the file would ignore the "center screen" property.

Just so we all understand, Authorware won't resize itself to the full width and height of the screen if it's at a higher resolution than that at which the Authorware file was set. The Cover function only places a black border on all sides of your Authorware piece, covering the screen areas that would otherwise be exposed. If you're running your piece at the same resolution at which it was programmed, you won't see any black area.

However, if you set your file properties to Full Screen, your piece will go to the upper left, even if you tell it to Center. That's because the piece is Full Screen, so Authorware considers it to be as large as the screen itself. To fix this just select the proper size dimensions and then choose Center.

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