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B2003 - How do I make an Exit option available in ALL my frameworks?

by - Joseph Ganci

Greetings Joe, I have a quick question that has been puzzling me. Perhaps you can help. I am creating a framework with navigation buttons. I have identified one of the buttons as an EXIT button. However, instead of just exiting the program, I want it to go to a screen that displays "are you sure you want to exit." That type of thing. I'm having no problem creating this scenario. However, the question I have is that though it works within my current framework, other frameworks cannot access that exit screen. I have to create, or at least copy that same screen into whatever framework I am working on. I just found this to be tedious. It works, it's just going to be taking that amount of graphic space for each framework. Is there a way of creating the exit screen, placing it in one location, then having that one screen accessed all the time, meanwhile, if they select NO, it will take them back to the screen they tried to exit. Quite a lot to order.

This is not too difficult. Cut the Interaction icon and its Exit response and place it on your flowline above all the frameworks (not inside one). Make sure it's still set to Perpetual and that branching is set to Return. Don't place the Exit button in any of the frameworks and it should be accessible from everywhere in your file.

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