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1026 - How can I run Authorware and another app at the same time, and have a user interact with both?

by - Joseph Ganci

Does anyone know whether it's possible to implement an Authorware application to act as an overlay to another program. i.e. what i want to do is have Corel paint open up when the CBL application opens up, and allow end users to use Corel paint with Authorware tutorials over the top.

Any ideas, or isn't it possible?

Using BuddyAPI ( or direct Windows API calls, you can set the Authorware app to be Always On Top. You can also use the standard functions to move and resize the presentation window so that it's small. You'll also want to set it to have a title bar so it can be dragged around so that it can be moved out of the way if it covers a part of the Corel application that the user wants to see.

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