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1056 - How can I share libraries with other developers?

by - Joseph Ganci

I am trying to create libraries for my projects. With the help files I came to know how to create them. But I read in them that the libraries can be shared among the developers. But when I tried to open the library on two different places, it showed me the same error: cannot open file, as it is open somewhere else. How do I make the libraries sharable?

Yes, you can, but you cannot update them if you make them sharable. You can do this by making the library read-only in Windows.
1. Close your Authorware files.
2. Find the library file.
3. Right-click it.
4. Choose properties.
5. Click Read-Only.
6. Close the properties box.
7. Now the library can be opened by more than one file, but you won't be able to write to it.

The second thing that I read that it talked of something called button libraries. Does it work the same way as the media library? In the sense that if I change the look and feel of one button in the library does it get reflected in all the buttons where it has been used.

Button libraries are more limited in Authorware. You cannot change out a button library's image at runtime and a button library is very different from a regular icon library. The button library is accessed by choosing the Window pulldown menu, and then Buttons.

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