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1061 - How can I restore a list from an external file?

by - Joseph Ganci

Recently I asked how to create properties dynamically...I looked into the functions again and found the Symbol function. It converts into the symbol which i am using to put into the lists.

Now the problem is that I want the lists to be restored when the user logs in again. The list has the user's scores. I tried using the SetInitialValue function but it works fine in the authoring mode but not when packaged. Can someone throw some light on this? I know one way of storing it into some external file and then retrive from there. in that case, what is the funtion SetInitialValue used for..??

There are several functions like SetInitialValue in Authorware that are used only at source time because they are set up for the creation of Knowledge Objects and Commands, which of course are only used when the source file is open.

I'm really not sure why you were trying to use SetInitialValue. Its purpose is to set the initial value of a new variable after creating one. Any way, storing the list to an external file is usually the way it's done.

Storing the list to an external file is easy, using WriteExtFile. Reading it back in using ReadExtFile, however, is not enough, because at that point the list is just considered text, not a list. To convert it to a list, use the List function on the text that is read in from the file. It will convert the text to a true list again.

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