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1077 - How do I set up two hot spots with the same feedback?

by - Joseph Ganci

Is it possible to create two hot spots within just ONE hanging object off of an interaction?? The two hot spots have the same destination.

You can do this a number of ways.

1. The simplest, but not the most maintainable, is to have two hot pots with the same feedbacks. Bad for maintainability because if you change something in one, you have to change it in the other.

2. The most complex, and probably unnecessary, is to use one hot spot and use the Rect function to determine where exactly the user clicked. Sounds like overkill here.

3. The third, and probably the best solution, is to have two hots, but:

a. Set the second hot spot (the one on the right of the Interaction's children) set to a unique keypress, such as Tab. (Don't make this perpetual.)

b. Set the branching of the first hot spot to Continue and set its feedback to just a Calc icon that contains:


c. Set the feedback of the second hot spot to the destination or feedback you wish.

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