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1079 - Can I jump between an a6p packaged file to a5p packaged files?

by - Joseph Ganci

I'm beginning the task on converting apps from apw5 to apw6.

The first app conversion is an executable (with runtime). This app serves as a router per say as it jumps to other apps.

Can this app be converted to apw6, packaged and jump to apw 5 apps without problems?

If you're saying that you don't have the original a5p source file to convert, you won't be able to convert an executable. If you do have the original a5p that you're converting to a6p and you want to use it as a router to jump to packaged-without-runtime a5p files using the JumpFile function, you're out of luck. JumpFile can only jump between same version files. If your a5p apps to which you're jumping are packaged with runtime, then you can use JumpOut to jump to them, just as you do with other executable files (such as MS Word) but you won't be able to pass parameters to it. The best bet is to convert all the files if you need to convert.

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