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1081 - How do I mimic a button rollover with hot spots?

by - Joseph Ganci

I have an AWARE piece completed -- instead of buttons I used hot spots -- but now the client wants the "buttons" to change color when the cursor passes over. Is there any way to to this and keep the hot spots ? I would like to avoid redoing the screens and changing things.

You can add additional hot spots to the left of the others. Set each one to Cursor in Area and its size and place exactly the same as the other hot spots. Have each feedback be a Display icon showing another colored "button" that overlays exactly over the other. Have each Erase field set to After Next Entry. Add one more Cursor in Area hotspot to the right of all the others that covers the area over all the buttons, in other words a hot spot that contains all the others. Set as its feedback an empty Map icon. It will automatically erase the previous feedback, the colored button, as soon as the user moves away from the button and into the larger hot spot.

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