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1091 - How do I position the cursor in a preset text entry field?

by - Joe Ganci

Is it possible in authorware to have editable text fields? I am trying to construct a package in which the user can input or update information in a database that holds a library of question and answers that can be put together to create tests.

If they wish to edit any of the existing questions/answers in the database the best i have been able to do is to put the q or ans into a variable displayed in an interaction icon with a key press interaction. When the user types something the key press is added to the string and diplayed.

This works but the user cannot specify where in the string they would like to change. They must delete all the way back to the point they require and re-write.

Can you set a text entry interaction to already have text in it and therefore be able to show cursor and move it to required point?

You can use the PresetEntry variable to set the text to show in the field before you enter the text entry interaction, then use a series of Presskey("RightArrow") calls to preset the cursor to the right position. For instance, if you want to have the field preset to "Joe Ganci" and have the cursor appear right between the space and the letter G:

PresetEntry: "Joe Ganci"
repeat with i := 1 to 4 -- 4 positions
end repeat

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