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1092 - How do I set up scrolling selectable lists?

by - Joe Ganci

Is it possible in Authorware 6.5 to scroll text using Page Down or Cursor Keystrokes? Can only manage to scroll the text currently using the mouse on the scroll window controls.

Take a look at the HListBox.U32 file in the Authorware folder.

1. Open the Functions dialog box.
2. Choose the last category (the name of your file).
3. Click the Load button.
4. Go to the Authorware folder and choose the HListBox.U32 file and load the functions that come up.
5. Paste the DisplayListBox function into a Calc box and modify it. For instance:

DisplayListBox(WindowHandle,"This is a list\rLine 2\rLine 3\rLine 4","Variable",100,100,300,200,1,1,1,RGB(100,10,10))

6. Run it and see.

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