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1096 - Accessibility Kit: How do I tell when a piece of text has stopped being spoken?

by - Joe Ganci

I'm currently working quite extensively with some of the Accessibility Kit features, but I've not been able to solve one issue (for the moment - I'm sure there'll be others).

How do I tell when a piece of text has stopped being spoken? Apart from listening to it of course. I currently just have a long pause, which I don't like doing as most visually impaired users have the speed on the voice turned up to different but very high levels.

Use the VoiceState function. Here's the description:

voiceState() -- Gives the symbol indicating the current status. States are: #stopped, #playing, #paused.


if VoiceState() = #playing

You can loop. You can also keep looping UNTIL

VoiceState() = #stopped

Here's an example. You'll need to use a combination of SyncPoint/SyncWait in a repeat loop to foce the function to execute over and over:

repeat while voiceState() = #playing
end repeat

When the repeat loop is exited, the voice has stopped.

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