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B4002 - I can't resize my ActiveMovie window! What do I do?

by - Joseph Ganci

Hi Joe,
The University is setting up another 40 machine lab and has just about decided on 233 MHZ Pentiums with MMX from Dell.  They didn't want to go with older Jakarta cards.  I noticed that ActiveMovie (an ActiveX control from Microsoft that loaded with Internet Explorer) played our MPEG files in an original size window (352x240) just beautifully.  That window is bigger than what we originally programmed, but I figured that I could rearrange the window elements just fine.

My problem is that I can get the ActiveMovie control to load in A4W in an ActiveX icon (the only icon in the program) but it only plays in a miniscule 50x50 window.  In effect it is showing the upper left hand corner - and also missing the controls.  I tried fooling with some of the properties but couldn't the original Unfortunately I have about a day before they are going to place the order.  I'd love to be able to get  ActiveMovie running in A4W and thereby know that we can use this lab for our program.  Do you have any ideas?

Yes, it's a little odd how this works, but here it is:

Bring in your movie.  It will appear in a little window as you said.  At this point, pause Authorware.  The movie should disappear but you should see an outlined box in its place.  You can now grab a corner of the box and resize it.

You may need to play with the other options to make the movie look the way you want it, but this will solve your problem.  If it doesn't work, try running the program until the movie appears, then hit pause at that point.

Oh, one other thing.  Because of the way ActiveMovie works (sort of in the background), you may need to click once on the movie before you pause.

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