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B5003 - How do I have the user type a page number instead, then jump to it?

by - Joseph Ganci

Hello Mr. Ganci, I appreciated your feedback to this gentleman since I was having the same problem.  I have also found your book helpful also.  I was trying to do the same thing this gentleman was doing, but I want the user to click on a button named "Go To" type a number (as in page number) in the entrytext field and that would send the user to that page.  Each framework icon has a unique name like "Page 1 Main Menu", "Page 2 The PA View", etc.  I placed the appropriate number "1", "2", etc. as a keyword under attribute of each map icon of the framework.  When I tried your solution, I received an error message in the navigation icon saying "@entrytext" icon does not exist.  Am I doing something wrong?  I cannot look at your model at your web page since I have AW3.5. Thanks in advance. 

You don't really need to attach keywords to your pages just to search by page number.  Each page is numbered by Authorware automatically.  Assuming you are numbering them in the order in which they're attached to the framework, the problem with attaching the page number as keywords is that if you add or delete pages, you will need to renumber all of your page keywords!  Anyway, the solution is to use the ChildNumToID function.  

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