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B5004 - How do I make an Authorware file wait during a JumpOutReturn?

by - Joseph Ganci

I've created a CBT in Authorware 5 which automatically proceeds to the next page after 30 to 40 seconds.  My boss asked me to create a Glossary in Microsoft Access, which I access with a perpetual Calc icon using JumpOutReturn (to a run-time version of the Glossary.MDB file).  Is there a way to introduce a Wait state into the Authorware piece so that the users will return to the page from which they left?

It really all depends on how you've programmed your timer. However, let me suggest one of the functions in Gary Smith's most wondrous collection of external API function calls (found at It's called baActiveWindow() and is found in BuddyAPI. It returns a number indicating which application has the user's focus. The number will be different every time you run your application, so the thing to do is to have one Calc icon at the top of your file that sets a variable:

myapp := baActiveWindow()

Then, wherever you are timing, you can use a condition that pretty much says stop timing when myapp <> baActiveWindow() and start timing again when myapp = baActiveWindow().  

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