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B5005 - Why isn't my records location working when I jump to another file?

by - Joseph Ganci

Okay, it might be late in the afternoon but this is a nasty one I cannot figure. In my first program, called Inloader, I setup some variables at the beginning:

G_Dummy:= #DummySymbol

The G_Dummy variable is just there because of technote 13621 from Macromedia. The G_UserFileLocation is pointing at where I want to store the users data. The next thing I do is to make a call to my MainMenu program:


My intention is to call the MainMenu program, transfer all variables starting with G_ and change the RecordsLocation to the value of G_UserFileLocation.

What happens is: MainMenu is called and all variables are transferred. But the RecordsLocation is still equal to "C:\\WINDOWS\\A5W_DATA\\" instead of "C:\\WINDOWS\\A5W_DATA\\UserRec". How come?

I have remembered to set G_Dummy:= #DummySymbol at the beginning of each of my programs and the only program that is set to "Resume" is the MainMenu program. Why can't I change the RecordsLocation? I was able to do it in A4W, but it doesn't seem to work (for me) in A5W. I give up... I'm going home now...

Another helpful person wrote the following response:
I may be wrong but you might have too many " and you use ; instead of a comma in your statement.  Try this:


I then responded with the following:
Actually, the semicolon is just fine. Ole lives in Europe where the semicolon is used as a delimiter, not a comma. If you are going to be sharing code with someone outside the USA, it's a good idea to place a space before and after your comma delimiters, like so:

Function(arg1 , arg2 , arg3)

My understanding (from Danny, I believe) is that this helps to convert (automatically?) over to semicolons when used outside the US keyboard layout. The original line:


was correct but when you set up your variable:


you forgot to place the \\ at the end:


Authorware didn't recognize the new records location because it was expecting the folder delimiter, which you need to provide. Hope this helps!

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