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B6002 - How do I change button text in real time?

by - Joseph Ganci

Is it possible to change the label of a button (standard form) from within a Calculation icon in response to a change in a variable?

E.g.: Button for changing measure units from SI to Traditional Units...

I want to do something like (note that this is pseudocode, not Authorware code): 
    if userUnits = SI 
      set label of button x to "Change to Traditional" 
      else set label of button x to "Change to SI" 
    end if 
One way to do this is to have two buttons which are activated on mutually exclusive conditions. In one case, for instance, you may have the active if true box contain the user variable "traditional" for when you want that button to appear, in the other "~traditional", the opposite value, for when you would rather the other button appear. If the buttons are sized the same and are placed exactly on top of one another, it will have the effect you wish. 

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