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B1005 - How can I use Authorware variables and functions to create a pie chart?

by - Joseph Ganci

I am working on a project that needs to draw or look like it's filling in a pie chart. Here are the facts: 

I will have three numbers to work with: say 25, 35, 40 (these would be percentages that would be used to determine where the dividing lines would be in the chart, they would equal 100 %). 

Can I get Authorware to fill in the pie chart and show the dividing lines within the chart using some function and or variables?

If you are using Authorware 4.0 or later in Windows, you can use the included ActiveX control to create a really nice pie chart.  However, this example has the benefit of being cross-platform and internal to Authorware. 

Here's code that will plot a circle and the angles you specify. It will fill in the circle with a color. 

    orgx := 200 
    orgy := 200 
    radius := 150 
    percentages := "25,50,25" 
    num_angles := LineCount(percentages,",") 
    SetFill(TRUE, RGB(0,255,0)) 
    repeat with i := 1 to num_angles 
      percentage := GetLine(percentages,i,i,",") 
      angle := (((50 - (percentage+total)) * Pi / 50)) 
      total := total + percentage 
      x := SIN(angle) * radius 
      y := COS(angle) * radius 
      Line(4, orgx,orgy,orgx+x,orgy+y) 
    end repeat 
The first two lines determine the x and y pixel on the screen for the center of the circle. The next line determines how long to make the radius of the circle. You can place any combination of angles into "percentages", each divided by a comma. Make sure they equal 100 for accurate results. 

The next three lines determine the number of slices and create a circle of the indicated center and radius and fill it with green. 

The repeat loop then plots each slice using the Line function. 

Update Note:
  But that's not all! I received the following email from Alden Erickson:
Recently, the aware list was asked if it was possible to create a multicolored pie chart in Authorware.  The code on your site was cited as a good example.  I have modified your code and added the capability of multiple colors to the slices.  I am including a copy of it below.  Thanks for the excellent example.

He kindly sent me his source code. 

Download the code from the Download area

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