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C1010 - How do I make sure each icon title is unique and why should I care?

by - Joseph Ganci

In principle AW does not care about duplicate icon titles and in most cases neither do I.  But in some cases it is an issue, because you want to refer to one.  The trick however to refer to an Icon in a variable as decribed in the QuickTips by MM seems not usable in the situation where you use an Icon from a library (because there you cannot use the @-symbol). So here is my problem. I have several icons in a library. A particular set of them are used in a model. The model is used several times in the same piece. I want to be able to refer to individual icons; so their names should be unique. Of course they could be renamed manually, but that is a lot of work and prone to mistakes.  Is there a possibility to automate that (For example if I could get AW to append the variable CurrentPageNum to the IconTitle at compile-time it whould in this case solve the problem). Any hint?

One trick I employ often when I am preparing icons that I want numbered sequentially is to create the first icon, giving it a title like "MyIcon 1". Note you can call the icon anything you like, as long as you place the number at the end. Set up a bogus Calculation icon with a bogus GoTo function call to the icon you just created. (Note I only use Goto functions in bogus situations, because it is a rather bogus function...ah, but that's another discussion.) Copy the icon to the clipboard. Now, every time you paste, the number in the title will be incremented by one. Paste it once, it will becalled "MyIcon 2". Paste it a thousand times, the last icon will be "MyIcon 1001". Be sure to remove the GoTo function call when you have finished pasting! 

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