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C1016 - Why does my system hang when I save and compact or package?

by - Joseph Ganci

Slight emergency - any help very gratefully received indeed! We have several large Aware files on our server (between 25 - 55 megs each). These were written in version 4, and were recently converted into Attain proffesional. This was all before I arrived at this job, and I am having great problems with them. We are running Win'98 on new 450Mhz Pentium II machines. The raw files run normally with no apparent problems.
Problem 1) - Save and Compact - as per normal, I 'save and compact' and 'save as' to reduce the file size. The process gets to the updating backpointer stage of 'save and compact', then seems to hang. Alt+Cntrl+del after 10 mins shows that the app. is not responding. We wait another 5 - 10 mins with no success. Eventually we have to end task.
Problem 2) - We try to package the file (in this case with no runtime as it is to be shocked) - same sort of problem as the process seems to hang towards the end of the packaging. I saved all the files on to my hard drive and tried again - same  problems as before, so I doubt it was a network problem. Is there something I can check/ try/ pray for. The pointy-hair boss is getting slighty peeved, but then they always do! ;)

The more icons, and the more connections between your icons, the longer it takes to update backpointers.  If you have a lot of icons, this can take a LONG time. Notice I said number of icons and not size of file. If for instance you imported 5 huge graphics of 10 megs each (I know, I know...) and you only have those 5 icons in your file, it'll finish saving and compacting in no time. If you have no media at all but 10,000 icons that are all very interconnected, it can take a long time. Interconnectedness happens on many levels. For instance, when you use the Erase icon, when you have navigate icons, when you have maps and frameworks and decisions, and well, just about everything! Every icon has a relationship to another icon in the file, even if it's just to say, "I follow you on the flowline." When you save and compact, Authorware has to reestablish the links between everything. Same during packaging. That last step can be a killer. I suggest you go away for a few hours, maybe overnight, and let it finish. Ctrl-Alt-Del will always report that Authorware is not responding since it's too busy to answer the Windows query. Hope this helps.

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