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C1017 - Why does Authorware sometimes say an icon doesn't exist when I refer to it with the @ symbol?

by - Joseph Ganci

Occasionally, I need to refer to an icon with a calculation as its name with an @ reference. Invariably, AW doesn't let me. It tells me that there is no icon with that name. Is this a bug? Any workarounds? Using the IconID won't work. For instance, I want to check that the icon has never been matched using MatchedEver@"IconTitle".

It isn't the fact that it's a calculation icon. You probably have it set up as a feedback to a conditional response. That's the problem - the title of the icon is also the expression or variable you are using to activate the response.

One way to do it works if you know which child the conditional response is. By child, I refer to the order from left to right of the feedbacks attached to the Interaction icon. So, if your conditional response is the first one attached to the Interaction icon called "parent", you can use the following code to determine if it was ever matched:

icon := ChildNumToID(@"parent", 1)
matched := MatchedEver@icon

This uses the ChildNumToID function (obviously). I didn't think this one through too hard, so you might consider this a quick and dirty method. There might be a better way.

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