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C2003 - How do I find large media elements in my file to prepare for web delivery?

by - Joseph Ganci

When reviewing the aam file, the documentation states that for each segment, the starting point in the file is listed.  How can this help me find it in my actual file in the event that the media is too large and I need to change it?  If this positioning number does not help, do you know how we can identify it so that can be found in the file?

Yes, the starting point in the file is not necessarily all that helpful. Ah, but the clever Macromedia engineers did help us out with a new feature in Authorware 5 to help you identify those large media elements. It's called Icon Size Report and you'll find it under the Xtras pulldown menu. It will print out a text file for you showing each icon, sorted by the largest size down to the smallest. When you see this list, compare it to the aam file and you'll be able to guess which icons the large segments contain. It's very helpful.   

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