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D1002 - How do I print my file to copyright it?

by - Joseph Ganci

I am trying to register the copyright (US) for an Authorware program.  The copyright office informs me that I must supply the first and last 25 pages  of the "source code" in hardcopy form.  Can anyone tell me how I do this. Thanks!

Just use Authorware's print option from the File pulldown menu to print the whole file, then send them the first 25 and last 25. Nobody is really going to check it at the copyright office. It is on file only so that if there is a challenge later, you can show them the source code, print it out again, and show that the pages are identical. Of course, if you give your source code to anyone else, they can show the same thing, so keep it close to your vest!

One aside - it's always been my feeling that the print utility in Authorware has been one of the most complete and elegant print outs of any development package I've ever used. Funny thing is, when I program in a command language like C, a printout can be a useful thing for debugging. I've never found the printouts in Authorware to be all that needed since it's easier to debug right inside Authorware, so as elegant as the printouts are in Authorware, I never use them!

Of course, now we know that they're useful for copyrighting a software application!

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