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D1004 - What do you call different menu levels in your CBT?

by - Joseph Ganci

I have a training piece that is grouped into 5 main headings.  Within the main 5, there are sub-topics and sub-sub-topics.  Is there standard terminology for these groupings? Topic, section, module, unit???

Ha! Every customer I've had has wanted to call each level something different, ususally the same terms but all mixed. For instance, some consider the unit the highest level, others the lowest level. Over time, though, I have seen some commonalities, which are:

Module - Highest level, biggest chunk
Lesson - Chunk of about 10 - 20 minutes (20 minutes max!)
Topic - smaller chunks contained within the lesson

If you need a fourth, then call it what you wish! Again, everyone I've met uses differerent names, though, so there you go.

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