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B5009 - Why does it not work when I try to concatenate the FileLocation variable?

by - Joseph Ganci

I have seen the light with regard to maintainable code and am using a lot more sub routines. I'm also trying to link to external media (graphics, wave files). It works ok if I type in the current file path but when I try to use the FileLocation variable and concatenate the file name it won't work. I've been careful to make sure the \\ are all correct and have even displayed the concatenated path and it is exactly right.

It's always good to send an example of what you're doing that's not working. Keep this in mind for the future. In the meanwhile, I think the approach you want is this:

=FileLocation ^ "mygraphic.bmp"

Keep in mind that FileLocation already contains the backslashes. Take a look at its value in the Variables dialog box and you'll see that it ends with the backslashes:


Or whatever your location is. So when you add the filename, you have a complete path. If you add more backslashes, most systems won't accept the path and will not give you what you expect.

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