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024 - Tech Support Stories [Part 1]

An IBM tech was checking out a returned Aptiva PC and discovered that the owner, who was signing up for an Online Service, had taken the instructions "enter your credit card number" a little too literally. During the repairs, the technician pulled the man's credit card out of the 3.5 inch floppy drive. 

When a woman customer called with a question about her PC and dutifully supplied the serial number, the technician checked records and said, "I see you have an Aptiva." Before he could say anything else, the woman shrieked and said she would be right back. When she returned, the customer rep asked her if everything was all right, she said, "if I had known you could see me, I would have never called in my bathrobe." 

One novice customer misinterpreted a customer service rep's suggestion to "open a window." Instead of clicking on a different program icon, which was what the technician meant, the customer went over to a real window and opened it. The technician realized there'd been a misunderstanding only when the customer asked if it was OK to close the window cause the room was getting chilly. 

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